HONOREE: Leroy Smith

23 06 2009

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Motivational Campaign: www.GetYourBasketballOn.com

Actor:  Charles Q. Murphy

We’ve All Said It Before:  “Motivize! Pulverize! and Realiiize!”



As you may very well know by now, the TC Awards committee has always been an advocate of the classic low brow humor presented by Eddie’s older brother. With all the great post-season basketball we witnessed this year, it’d only be appropriate for us to shine the spotlight on another true basketball legend.  If you mixed Billie Blanks and a sprinkle of DragonFly Jones on the court this is exactly what you’d get, “not Ku-buh-lai Kahn, not the son of Genghis Kahn” but…none other than the Great Leroy Smith.  In our research, many random questions and comments come into play and with the amount of pure foolishness presented by Leroy, there is plenty of comedic fodder to choose from.

Let’s begin by examining this fool in all his splendor:

First off, is there anything this clown can’t do? Seriously though. Not only did he motivate MJ, he also has his own iTunes app, cookbook (Get Your Cooking On!), personal set of motivization drills, records/singles (multi-instrumentalist), wristbands, video game, flunkie (Manny) and movie in the works.  Not to mention he also appears to be a kung fu master of sorts. haa. I say gotdamn.

Beyond his obvious nature as a motivizer and jack of all trades his personal style has a flair all it’s own. His do is 2 parts Bozo remixed with some old school George Jefferson for added points.  Leroy also makes it a point to don a basketball outfit for every possible day and special occasion…minus the fresh J’s. Guess MJ didn’t take too kindly to the fact that he got beat out for that varsity spot after all.

There’s so much content on here, we couldn’t even begin to post it all, but per usual, we got the hookup on the man, the myth, and the legend. Peep game.

Our favorite Technicolored Gems [shazam!]:

Jam. Oh Jaaaam…Can’t forget Leroy’s finest work in the booth:





2 01 2009

Film: CB4, 1993

Director: Tamra Davis

Actor: Charles Q. Murphy

We’ve All Said It Before: “Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh”


Gusto aka Charlie Murphaaaay!!!

Long before he became legendary for his True Hollywood Stories, Charlie Murphy was making waves as Gusto in the cult classic CB4.  Let’s take a moment to highlight the characteristics of a pivotal role that paved the way for Chappelle’s show glory:

1. Murphy Family Swag.  Definitely genetic. Swag is almost always a key weapon to making a name for yourself as an auxiliary character within any realm. Charlie possesses an innate ability to garnish Gusto with the necessary swag to make him thugnificent in every regard.  Need convincing? Just peep the first clip below. Flippin’ tables and punkin’ monkeys for no reason. 

Gusto also claimed to be 3 generations deep in gangstadom:

2.  All about the pum. Now a gangsta, especially Gusto, can’t be a gangsta without pros. Even when he had his stable on his arm, he still made it a point to try to spread his thug lovin’ onto Sissy.  Chasing tail was such a priority that it was eventually the bait that hooked Gusto an took him out of the game for good. “aww yeah baby…I’m real ready!”

3. Gusto’s sidekick…40 Dog. 40 deserves at least more than a blurb to get into him and his electrolarynx. Call it Chris Rock’s genius (or whoever behind the scenes that came up with the idea) that Gusto’s designated co-d sounds like a defunct T-Pain, but it’s definitely welcomed commentary each time he decides to talk that sh*t to backup Gusto.

Some more TechniColored gems:

Gusto punking Albert (MC Gusto):

Gusto getting ready for Sissy, our favorite scene (long but worth it). Peep the tiger print jacket, matching drawz, his ‘jimmy-hat’, and our favorite moment @ 3:00. Yeeeaah!!!:

Eddie Impersonating Charlie…On the basis of this clip alone  (and that classic Chappelle’s Show kick that sent him flying), we’d be willing to bet that Rick James took the brunt of the ass whoopins in the legendary series of battles:


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TechniColored Merry Christmas

25 12 2008

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t spread some holiday cheer to the homies. We want to wish you all a TechniColored Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa (please let us know if there are any of you really out there).

Charlie Murphy & Katt Williams Perfect Holiday, Katt is high as hell too (not very pimpish)

A lil Huey Freeman Christmas. Take the Ho out of the music video and put it in ya mouth:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black Santa. Santa (aka Ashy Larry got  a doorag):

Martin | Gina kissing Santa Claus Part 1:

A lil In Living Color.  Ceephus and Reesie Christmas Album:

Some Mo’ In Living Color. Homie the Clown X-mas:

Happy Kwanzaa (it’s gone global…haa. gotta love the kids):