Honorable Mention: Miss Cleo

11 03 2009

Commercial:  Ms. Cleo Mind & Spirit

Actress:  Youree Dell Harris

We’ve All Said It Before:  ” Call me NOW!!!”



“Call me now for a free readin’ !!”

Let’s go ahead and start by saying this fake ass Jamaican psychic supposedly made over $13 million for her psychic ‘abilities’ in the early 2000’s.  She definitely had the crown for the Psychic Network surpassing Deion Warwick’s punk ass.  With that kinda loot, you can’t really blame anyone eventhough she took it a lil too far.

Who in their right mind would be in an infomercial as a psychic? as a Jamaican? with the worst accent? The accent is actually how she changed the game…all entertainment.  “What ya waitin fee?”  haaaa. She was really wild and inappropriate.

For having such audacity this broad has to get some love.  She was and still is the official infomercial psychic.

For some fun, here is the  soundboard and the phone prank calls here

Technicolored Gems:

“About tree months it looks like to I…”

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