If you think there is a character that needs to be honored, nominate them in the comment box below. We will get them analyzed by the TechniColored Award committee and proceed appropriately.

It’s time to shine.

Thank you.


6 responses

1 03 2009
Joshua Steptoe

I wanna nominae Lester “The Court Jester” From Soul Men

10 03 2009

Morris Day in Purple Rain. I know it’s gonna be hard to get video clips of it, but Morris made that film watchable and outshined everyone in it!

10 03 2009
The Spotlight

Stay tuned…Morris is most definitely in the queue

15 03 2009

Uncle rucker from boondocks. “You get the white fever and it gets all in ya blood.” Im sorry, but everybody got an old ass uncle or grandfather like that.

26 08 2009
purple rain

Very nice information and well laid out site with some great Purple Rain info – just what i needed! Thanks xox

4 09 2009

I wanna nominate thugnificent you gotta love rags to bitches and all his crazy sayings “stop hating and get money my nigga”

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