Honorable Mention: Patrick (Ch)Ewing

12 03 2009

Commercial:  Get Dunked on by Patrick Chewing

Actor:  Patrick Ewing

We’ve All Said It Before:  ” Aaaaargghhh!!!”



We like the fact that Snickers put Patrick Chewing back in the mix, but I’m sure as we all watch this commercial a few questions come to mind:

– Why does that white man open that Snickers like that? Is that a style that I missed when I was growing up?

– Why is his lumberjacket shirt so ugly and rigid?

– Where are they? Projects? Back of  warehouse?

– Why the hell does Patrick still have a box? and why couldn’t he get a fade? it looks like the swept up the hair balls off the barbershop floor and dropped it on his head…unprofessional

– “What’s up Ryan?”… does he know this dude and was just waiting for him to come back to the playground

– The tight ass jersey was very appropriate for the commercial but where do you get that..KMart? The unofficial Ewing jersey is real.

– Did he walk?

– Was he wearing Patrick Ewing Sneakers?

– “Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhh!”  Was that necessary? ..YES!

– Why did the backboard explode? Did he eat a Snickers before Ryan came by? who knows but I’m satisfied.

Overall this an obscure but successful 17 seconds.  The lesson here is don’t bring a Snickers to the court… but if you do, bring a comb with that Snickers.

Technicolored gem:





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