HONOREE: Darryl Jenks & the Soul Glo Empire

3 03 2009

Film: Coming to America, 1988

Director: John Landis

Actor: Eriq la Salle

We’ve All Said It Before: “Just let your soul glo …just let it shine through ”



Soul Glo has reached super level status…its literally part of American culture

Everyone knows the name. Everyone knows the song. It is the symbol of Coming to America.  And it couldn’t have been better that the main nemesis was the heir to the Soul Glo Empire..and his last name was Jenks.

The singer for the commercial had a bit of Prince as he hit those high notes.  The two models in the commercial must have been the “Black Hair Product Models of ’88”. They look exactly like all the models I used to see on Dax, Scurl, Activator, Dark N Lovely, or whatever.  The male model does a great job @ 0:07, making it seem like he never knew his hair could be that damn greasy ..uh, I mean ‘oh so silky smooth’.

Darryl was also the perfect character as he cruised down the block in his red Camaro. But when he pulls in to the parking lot and re-ups on that activator, picks his juicy shag, and lays down his ‘stache…game over.

Get your shine on:




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