HONOREE: McDowell’s Robber (Samuel L. Jackson)

1 03 2009

Film: Coming to America, 1988

Director: John Landis

Actor: Samuel L. Jackson

We’ve All Said It Before: “Dont stall me ..FATBOY!”


This is before he trademarked the word muthaf*cka…

So even back then over 20 years ago, Samuel L. was playing the same muthaf*cka…loud, crazed, and not giving a damn about much. Here are all the key moments:

– At 1:00 is the exact moment that booked him all future jobs

– At 1:08 “what!?”  ..I want to play that when anyone asks me a dumb ass question

“Freeze, you diseased rhinoceros pizzle!”  (and if you want to know what ‘pizzle’ is …click)

– 1:31 Punkass Darryl

Technicolored gem:




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