HONOREE: Aunt Song

11 01 2009

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Film: Crooklyn, 1994

Director: Spike Lee

Actress: Frances Foster (RIP)

We’ve All Said It Before: “Queenie!!!”



Sometimes there are scenes that end up in movies that don’t necessarily need to be there for the plot to continue, but some creative genius knew to drop a gem just for comedy sake…

This is one of those miracles

Being honest sometimes I pop in the DVD just to see this scene. These are the reasons why Aunt Song has been granted an TC Award:

1. Acting. That’s it.  and a little bit of hysterical screamin’.

She couldn’t have done this scene any better than it is.  The voice and facial expressions.  Even some of the lines couldn”t be scripted such as my favorite: “Get outta here Judy, Jody, whatever your names are…”  Does anybody even know those two girls’ names?

And the sound effect when Queenie comes out that couch like a PopTart in a toaster…classic.  @0:43

And the awesome breakdown begins, and at 0:55 she switches into a full temper tantrum with no control.  It’s a good thing they didn’t show how that night continued because I bet she wouldn’t stop. the uncle was pissed, and she cried herself to sleep right on that floor next to Queenie.

We have to drop the entire monologue so you can really see what comes out of her mouth:

“Agghhh! Oh God…Ooooh Dear Gawd!…Oh God, take me right now…I don’t wanna live without my baby…QUEEEENIIE!!!…..*wild uncontrollable breathing and crying*…Oh Gawd, Queenie!! …”

You gotta love all of their reactions.  Troy looks at her like she’s nuts and the rest all want to laugh. This probably took Spike a few takes. Enjoy:




2 responses

13 01 2009
Ramisha Stoney

Can I just say i was rollin before i even watched the cilp that is a true classic LOVES IT

15 01 2009
Jamie Patterson

We are CLEARLY on the same wave length.

I watched this the other day on BET and waited JUST to see the part where Troy went to see Aunt Song…CLASSIC!

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