4 12 2008

Film: Next Friday, 2000

Director: Steve Carr

Actor: Clifton Powell

We’ve All Said It Before: “Shut Up!!!” and “Yeah whatever muthafu*ka”


Why Pinky remains eternally awesome as a character:

1. Style Points. Who the hell else rolls up in a retro pink metallic Cadillac limo with pink accented, psuedo snakeskin western style suit ($200 S & K special), cowboy boots and tie to match? Seriously?

2. His lingo. Pure old school player. The fact that he Pinky’s introduction as a character begins with the classic “look here baby, you hittin’ them corners to gotdamn fast…” speaks volumes alone. Listen here.

3. Gangsta cookies. Obviously the yac and his closed store pissed Pinky off to the extent that he had to pull out his pistol and act all tough, but clearly he didn’t snack on enough of them as indicated by 3:13:

4. The Breakdown. Pinky was singing a whole new tune in his record shop once Craig had his pistol. Haaa. First came the damp face followed immediately by a full confession and plea for mercy. When the tables were turned he began to tear up, eventually dropping dime on his self. “just dont kill me please, I got kids. I got a muthafu*kin’ girlfriend, I got a wife on the side..” (3:35 in the clip above)

5. Brutal Honesty. You have to love the fact that in addition to him pleading for his life, he reclaimed his original gangsta/old school player flare, fired everyone, told them to shut the f*ck up, while also admitting that Craig had him shook. (4:32 in clip above)

Some more TechniColored gems:

Pinky’s Intro – The best and most classic scene in it’s entirety:

Pinky’s Return in Friday After Next:

Pinky’s drunk ass chauffeur runs over GhettoClaus:

Friday After Next out takes:

Clearly Clifton can’t get enough of Pinky (nukka):


Pinky Nukka Shirt

Pinky’s Record Store Gear


Pinky Ringtone


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